Session 15. Safety and Health of Nanomaterials


With the rapid development of nanotechnology, the nanosafety and nanoimpact assessment has become rather important than ever before. Commercialization and applications of emerging nanoproducts need thorough evaluations of their effects on the environment and human health. This symposium aims to deliver the recent advances relevant to human and environmental exposure, hazard identification and risk assessment and underlying toxicological mechanisms. Topics related to improve biocompatibility are also welcomed. 

Research topics include but not limited to:

Human toxicology; nano-bio interface; pharmacokinetics and particokinetics; safe design and improved biocompatibility of nanomaterials; exposure to consumer nanotechnology-based products (e.g. medical devices, paints, cosmetics, electronics and clothing); exposure scenarios and risk assessment of nanomaterials in working places; ecotoxicology and risk assessment; ethical, legal and social issues of nanotechnology; methodology to analyze the metabolism of nanomaterials in vivo/vitro; theoretical simulation of nanomaterials-biomolecule interaction at the molecule level and how to use this tool to better understand the safety of nanomaterials.