Session 16. Printing of Nanomaterials and Applications


With the rapid advancing of nanoscience and nanotechnology, printing becomes a critical approach for the additive manufacturing. Meanwhile, revolution of printing techniques is undergoing as required by the additive manufacturing. Therefore, there are continuous callings for functional printing nanomaterials and novel printing technologies; at the same time, printed devices with unprecedented functions will certainly emerge. This sub-conference covers the fundamentals of printing, functional printing nanomaterials, novel printing technologies as well as applications of printing technologies in various fields.

The topics of nanogreen printing manufacturing sub-conference include but not limited to:

1. Printing manipulation:
Surface wettability patterning;
Droplet manipulation;
Assembly via printing;

2. Printed electronics:
Printed devices;
Wearable sensors;
Up-scale printing;

3. 3D Printing:
3D printing materials;
3D printing devices;
Applications of 3D printing technology