Session 5. Nano-Composites and Applications


The past few decades have witnessed exciting progresses in nanoscale science and technology, and continuing efforts have been made to push the limit of cutting-edge nanotechnology into real-world applications. High-performance and multifunctional fibers, membranes, as well as their composites have been fabricated for a wide range of applications ranging from light-weighted structural materials, dynamical protection, electrical and thermal transport, flexible electronics, energy storage, filtration and separation. This sub-conference aims to highlight recent advances of nanostructured material assemblies and composites in these fields, with promising applications that can hardly be reached without the development of nanotechnology.

Sub-conference topics include but not limited to:

Nanofibers; nanostructured membranes; mechanical and transport properties of nanostructured assemblies and nanocomposites; nanotechnology enabled filtration and separation applications.